The Joint Commission recently issued a new EP standard stating that, “At least annually, hospitals will test the fuel quality to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.” Now, it is critical your healthcare facility’s fuel quality is tested and analyzed. We can help you navigate the changes! Join us for a webinar to review the new standard with our fuel quality experts.



  • ASTM standards
  • Recommended tests
  • Reporting the results

We hold these webinars regularly. Click above to register immediately for the latest webinar now or use the form to be alerted of upcoming webinars on other topics.You can also contact us directly for more information about how the new EP standard will impact your facility. 

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What Our Customers Think
  • David Schirmacher / Sr. Vice President, Portfolio Operations, Digital Realty
    As a result of our strategic partnership and the collaboration of our teams, we are pleased to report that all sited impacted maintained 100% uptime throughout the duration of the event as we successfully supported over 9 megawatts of critical load. Our success is a direct result of your team's coordination and perseverance in the face of extremely difficult and unpredictable conditions.
  • Dilek Samil / President and COO, Cleco Power
    Cleco genuinely appreciates your support and partnership during our recovery effort. We consider you a critical part of Cleco's storm team, and, as I've told my team many times, nobody does it better.
  • John Formet / Sr FEMA Region IV Logistics Accountable Property Manager
    In my short time with FEMA and working seven major disasters, I have never worked with any contracting team that was more professional and such a pleasure to work with.
  • 1Lt Travis Michelena / JLC, Haiti
    I am deeply appreciative of the hard work and professionalism of Foster Fuels. We were sad to see you go, and hope to work with you again in the future.
  • Matt Ott / CDR, SC, USN
    Foster Fuels was able to quickly mobilize all heavy equipment, men, and materials and integrate quickly upon arriving into Haiti's chaotic conditions.
  • Giovanni Tuck / Brigadier General, USAF Commander
    Your herculean effort and dedication has helped millions of Americans during this devastating period. Your leadership on the ground and swift response to DLA Energy, FEMA, and state and local governments was critical the mission success.
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